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Jumeirah Golf Estates : Dubai - UAE

 Jumeirah Golf Estates : Dubai - UAE
Jumeirah Golf Estates is a luxury residential and golfing community located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The community is spread over 1,119 hectares and features a mix of villas, townhouses, and apartments, surrounded by two championship golf courses and stunning natural landscapes.
  • Location: Jumeirah Golf Estates is located along the Emirates Road, providing easy access to other parts of Dubai. The community is situated near other popular neighborhoods such as Dubai Sports City, Motor City, and Arabian Ranches.
  • Design: The homes in Jumeirah Golf Estates are designed to reflect a blend of Mediterranean and Arabic architecture, with terracotta roofs, stone facades, and ornate details. The community is divided into several sub-communities, each with its own unique style and design.
  • Golf courses: Jumeirah Golf Estates is home to two championship golf courses, Fire and Earth, designed by golfing legends Greg Norman and Vijay Singh, respectively. The courses are known for their challenging layouts and stunning natural surroundings, with views of the Dubai skyline and surrounding desert.
  • Amenities: Jumeirah Golf Estates offers a range of amenities for its residents, including parks, playgrounds, swimming pools, and tennis courts. The community also has several shopping and dining options, including the popular Jumeirah Golf Estates Clubhouse. The clubhouse features several restaurants, a gym, and a spa, among other facilities.
  • Accessibility: The community is easily accessible by car, with the Emirates Road providing easy access to other parts of Dubai. The community is also located near the Dubai Metro, providing public transportation options for residents.
  • Real estate prices: Jumeirah Golf Estates is one of the most exclusive and expensive residential communities in Dubai, with homes ranging from AED 3 million ($816,000 USD) for a townhouse to over AED 30 million ($8.2 million USD) for a large villa. The community is known for its luxurious lifestyle and high-end amenities, making it a popular choice for those looking for a premium living experience in Dubai.
  • Security: The community has 24-hour security and gated entrances, providing a safe and secure environment for residents.
  • Events: Jumeirah Golf Estates hosts several events throughout the year, including golf tournaments, music concerts, and holiday celebrations. The community also has a dedicated events team that organizes activities for residents, such as yoga classes, cooking workshops, and children's activities.
  • Schools: Jumeirah Golf Estates is located near several schools, including the popular Victory Heights Primary School and the Dubai British School, which offer British curriculum education. There are also several international schools located within a short drive from the community.
  • Healthcare: The community has several healthcare options, including a Mediclinic hospital and several clinics and pharmacies.
  • Green spaces: Jumeirah Golf Estates is known for its extensive green spaces and landscaped gardens. The community features several parks and playgrounds, as well as walking and cycling trails that wind through the community's natural surroundings.
  • Sustainability: Jumeirah Golf Estates is committed to sustainability and has implemented several initiatives to reduce its environmental impact. These include solar-powered streetlights, energy-efficient buildings, and a recycling program.
  • Sports facilities: In addition to the two championship golf courses, Jumeirah Golf Estates also has several other sports facilities, including a football pitch, basketball court, and fitness center. The community also has a dedicated sports academy, where residents can take lessons and training sessions for various sports.
Overall, Jumeirah Golf Estates is a luxurious and exclusive community that offers a premium living experience for its residents. With its world-class golf courses, stunning natural surroundings, and high-end amenities, it is one of the most sought-after residential communities in Dubai.





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