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Park View City Islamabad Rawalpindi, Plots, Payment Plan, Map & Noc

Park View City Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Park View City Islamabad payment plan, plots in Park View City, Park View City Rawalpindi location Map,, Park View City Rawalpindi noc, Park View City Rawalpindi location. If you are looking for plot in Park View City housing scheme islamabad then you are at right place for Park View City plots Rawalpindi, Islamabad information , payment plan, Location Map or Noc. Residential and Commercial plots are available for sale in Park View City housing scheme.

Park View City Islamabad Rawalpindi
Introduction: Park View City is a CDA approved beautiful residential development by Vision Group in Zone IV of Islamabad. The condominium has a 400 foot wide main boulevard that allows direct access from the freeway into the community, you can also access it via Kurri Road and Banigala. This residential project is popular with investors for its scenic views and high-end facilities. It aims to provide a perfect place for families who want to live in a family-friendly neighborhood and offer a safe place with futuristic vision and exquisite views. Park View City Owners and Developers: Designed by Vision Group's modern architecture and technology, Park View City has become one of the most sought-after residential developments in Islamabad. The Vision Group is owned by Aleem Khan, a senior and active member of PTI. This is Vision Group's first project in Islamabad. vision group: The Vision Group was founded in 2012 and since then has realized unprecedented real estate projects. In less than a decade, Vision Group has penetrated the real estate industry in Pakistan and established itself as one of the most reliable and trusted development groups in the region. Park View by Vision Group is an initiative that strives for excellence by being one of the most lush residential projects in the area. The company aims to create luxury living through various construction and urban landscape projects in cosmopolitan cities. The Vision Group is characterized by elegant aesthetics and modern functionality in the elements of its projects, which ensure comfortable and spacious living. Vision Group projects: Vision Group has carried out several successful projects of great finesse and architectural masterpieces in the main cities of Pakistan. Below is the list of Vision Group's unparalleled projects: Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation PARK View Icon on I.I.Chundrigar Road-Karachi Park View City in Islamabad PARK View Corporate Center on Mall Road-Lahore Signature apartments with park views in Gulberg-Lahore The national school Park View Villas on Multan Road-Lahore SOCIAL FOLLOWERS 80.6K fans 91K Participant 83.6K follower 75.1K follower Park View City-NOC Best residential project for investment in 2019? Capital smart city Blue world city City with a park view University City ICHS city Faisal Hill poll Mausa: The Mauza (old name) of this magnificent residential complex is Malot. Park View City NOC: Park View City Islamabad's Certificate of No Objection (NOC) will soon be approved by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and the developers are making every legal effort to maintain approved status. Becoming legal is very important for any housing association as it gives the association the status of a legal and authorized housing area. Park View City Islamabad Map: As you can see from the map, Park View City is ideally located opposite Bahria Enclave, just 15 minutes drive from Serena Hotel Islamabad, 5 minutes drive from Bahria Enclave and Bani Gala and just 1 minute walk to the lush green Botanical Garden. It is 8 km drive from Chak Shahzad via Park Road and Kuri Road via the route of Kashmir Highway, Lehtrar Road and Islamabad Highway. access roads: Park View City Islamabad can be accessed via the main avenue Jinnah Avenue off Malot Road or the 200 foot wide main access road which CDA has directly granted access to by CDA's Kurri Road. Park View City total area: Spread across the country 7000 channel with several residential and commercial blocks, the society exerts an attraction to all norms of society. Located near the enclave of Bahria, surrounded by the lush green surroundings of Bani Gala with the most mesmerizing landscapes, 15 minutes from the capital Islamabad, this society is the epitome of luxury and tranquility. Park View City Islamabad is nestled in the middle of the Botanical Gardens with tranquil views. Our main entrance is on Rawal Chowk side and our gate 2 gives you access from Bhara Kahu. Park View City Islamabad's location is such that it is close to all major destinations in the capital city, yet away from the noise and pollution, making it an excellent choice for your permanent residence. The project is located on Malot Road with easy access from Kurri Road, a 200 foot wide street that has been approved by the CDA to make way for the mega project. Park View City Project Details: Park View City is divided into various alphabetical blocks made up of commercial and residential blocks. A 'J' expansion block was also introduced into the Company by management at the recent election meeting held at the Company's premises. Blocks A, B, F, J and K consist of 5 Marla lots while Blocks A, B, F, H and I offer 10 Marla lots. 1 channel plots are available in B, C, E, F blocks. N and M and D and P blocks offer 2 channel plots in the company. Park View City Terrace C Block: Park View City's Terrace Block is located on the C Block. The block consists of residential lots of the following sizes at reasonable prices: 10 Marla In addition, the block also consists of Terrace Apartments which are the epitome of luxury and elegance. The Terrace C Block is equipped with all basic utilities and modern conveniences. Park View City A and B Blocks: Park View City's A and B Blocks are residential and consist of low priced residential lots. The plot sizes are as follows: 5 Marla 10 Marla 1 channel Park View City H Block: H Bock of Park View City consists of residential lots of the following sizes: 5 Marla 10 Marla 1 channel The Walk Commercial Downtown: The Walk Commercial Downtown of the housing project is undoubtedly a hub of all commercial activity within the housing community. In addition to shopping centers, there are commercial plots of various sizes: Commercial Downtown: 6 Marla 8 Marla The walk: 1 channel City Terrace Apartments with Park View: Park View City Islamabad offers Park View City Terrace Apartments at reasonable prices. The apartments are to be built in Block A and Block B of the PVC. Below are the types of terrace apartments: Studio/One Bedroom Apartments Two bedroom apartments Three bedroom apartments Houses with a park view: Park View City offers pre-built homes at reasonable prices. The PVC houses are available in the following sizes: 5 Marla Park View City 3.5 Marla Residential Lots: Park View City Islamabad recently launched its 3.5 Marla residential lots in Block K. Due to the growing demand for apartments, these plots are being offered at extremely low prices. Park View City currently offers a 2 year payment plan for the following sizes. Residential lot sizes: 5 Marla (26"x50") 8 Marla (30"x60") 10 Marla (35"x70") 1 channel (50"x90") 2 channel (75"x120") Commercial property sizes: 6 Marla (35"x40") 8 Marla (40"x45") Booking of the above plots in the Park View Condominium starts with a 20% deposit while the remainder of the amount payable is payable in 8 equal quarterly installments over a 2 year period. Land category: The Company's land categories such as Corner, Park Facing and the Company's Main Boulevard lots are 10% more expensive than the regular lot prices proposed by the Company. Reduced price: The company offers a discount of 5% of the total price of the land on the lump sum payment. This means if you buy a property in Park View City paying in full without taking advantage of the installment plan attached above, the Company will give you a 5% discount. Price comparison: Despite the fact that the cost of the land in this society is considered to be a bit higher for a few people compared to other housing societies like University City and Lahore Smart City, but it is definitely much lower than societies in the CDA sectors of Islamabad and housing societies like B-17 and ICHS, it will definitely pay off in the end. Properties and equipment: Park View City is an impeccable housing association with unmatched facilities and impeccable vision. Each block of society is planned with a unique perspective and functionality to offer a sublime life to its residents. Imax cinemas: Parkview City will be an epitome of luxury and entertainment, the cinemas with IMAX and 3D technology will offer you an unimaginable cinematic experience. Commercial walk: Trade zones with the biggest retail brand names cater to all your needs and offer you the ultimate pleasant and convenient shopping experience. Zoo and Parks: The zoos, parks and other fun activities are also included in the company's plan to provide elements of fun for all ages. Club & Community Center: The club and community center in the community give residents the opportunity to enjoy a variety of indoor and outdoor sports including bowling, swimming pools, snooker, cricket, tennis and golf. Hospitals: A huge specially designed hospital is being built in the company to ease health problems with modern equipment and the latest technology Schools: The incorporation of the best schools and educational institutions in the society that offers the best curriculum will be set up near the apartment blocks so that they can be reached easily and with a minimum distance. The Vision Group has decided to build the newest branch of the National School in Park View City, which will operate alongside other well-known educational institutions under the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation, owned by the Vision Group. Mosque: Taking care of the religious values ​​and the importance of beautiful mosques will be part of this exceptional housing project. Completed condominium: Park View City is a secure and fully gated neighborhood surrounded by a perimeter wall covering all sides of the project. Park View's neighboring communities are not fully covered as extensively, while this society has barricaded even the side that is near the national forest area. 24/7 electricity, gas and water: The availability of electricity, water and gas is a priority at Park View Islamabad and is supplied 24/7 to all sections of society. Park View City is superior to the rest of the communities in the region as it is inherently blessed with natural resources, with the presence of groundwater being of paramount importance. The water is only available below 50 feet above the ground and the Gumrah River that flows through its region also provides an adequate water supply for the society. The plan of every home in society is to have a water storage tank built underground to store the abundance of rainwater that accumulates in the area. The Society has also initiated a plan to build its own dam to collect and use the water, work on the dam has already started in the Society. Load-shedding-free zone: In order to make the community a load-shedding zone, the commenced construction of the dam will also include an electric power plant to ensure adequate power supply in the community. Underground power supply: All electrical works in the company are planned underground to control the power outages. Underground cables are much safer and make for an aesthetically pleasing feature in society. 24/7 monitoring: The society takes the security of its residents very seriously and ensures that a network of CCTV cameras is installed throughout the society. Modern infrastructure and elegant living plan: This project takes advantage of the lush green natural environment of Park View City Islamabad and promises to become one of the landmarks of emergence. High-rise buildings, modern infrastructure and its elegant living plan will add to its attractiveness. Latest development: With the greatest craftsmanship and the most majestic development, Park View city is becoming a landmark of modern civilization in Pakistan. City Apartments with Park View: With the incorporation of city apartments with park views into society, residents not only enjoy upscale modern life, but also raise living standards. These luxury apartments will be fully equipped with a fitness center, swimming pools, laundry, grocery store and much more on the premises of these apartments. Botanical Garden: A botanical garden in the middle of the Park View housing association makes them superior to other associations in their region. This botanical garden will not only enhance the natural beauty of the project but also increase the fertility of its soil. The greenhouse will contain a huge variety of plants, garden herbs and unique plants from all over the world. There will be nurseries and greenhouses to grow and cultivate extraordinary tropical plants and flowers in society. An organic food market is also formed in the society to provide organic fruits and vegetables so that residents of this society can enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Park View City Golf Estate: Park View City Islamabad hat kürzlich das Golf Estate eröffnet, eine aufregende Bereicherung der Gesellschaftslandschaft. Es ist eine wunderschöne Entwicklung, die ein einzigartiges malerisches Lebensumfeld bietet, wie es sonst nirgendwo in der Gesellschaft der Fall ist. Der Standort Golf Estate liegt wunderschön neben der Enklave Bahria, die von Tor 2 der Gesellschaft aus zugänglich ist. Das Golf Estate Park View City wurde entwickelt, um ein luxuriöses Erlebnis mit erfrischender Schönheit in den Margalla Hills abseits der Hektik des Stadtlebens zu bieten. Das Golf Estate ist ein perfekter Zufluchtsort für die Stadtbewohner und genießt die atemberaubende Aussicht. Das Golf Estate in Park View City ist ohne Zweifel ein Paradies auf Erden für Golfbegeisterte. Das Projekt bietet alles von Wohnungen bis hin zu kommerziellen Einrichtungen sowie Sport in Form von Golf Estate. Die Park View City ist zu einem wahren Luxuskunstwerk in der Immobilienlandschaft der Partnerstädte geworden. Die Hinzufügung dieses 9-Loch-Golfplatzes hat ihn auf der Karte von Islamabad weiter hervorgehoben. Das Golf Estate ist eine perfekte Mischung aus Luxus, Komfort und erstklassigen Annehmlichkeiten, die zu den besten Marktpreisen der Immobilienbranche angeboten werden. Das Park View CityGolf Estate bietet eine Reihe von Wohngrundstücken wie folgt: 5 Marla 10 Marla 1 Kanal Park View City Golf Estate Zahlungsplan: Der Zahlungsplan des Park View City Golf Estate ist mit flexiblen Raten erschwinglich. In Kürze werden auch andere Parzellengrößen als 5 Marla und 10 Marla auf den Markt kommen. Bis zum 27. August wurden Grundstücke nach dem Prinzip „Wer zuerst kommt, mahlt zuerst“ vergeben. Auch die Grundstückspreise dürften nach einiger Zeit steigen. 5 Marla wird für Rs angeboten. 8,5 Mio 10 Marla wird für Rs angeboten. 16 Millionen 1 Kanal wird für Rs angeboten. 35 Millionen Die Grundstücke können einfach gebucht werden, indem nur die Anzahlung von 25 % geleistet wird. Die Restbeiträge nach Anzahlung konnten in 8 vierteljährlichen Raten beglichen werden. Andere Gebühren umfassen: Der Mitgliedsbeitrag für 5 Marla beträgt Rs. 7.500/- Der Mitgliedsbeitrag für 10 Marla beträgt Rs. 15.000/- Der Mitgliedsbeitrag für 1 Kanal beträgt Rs. 25.000/- Park View City Golf Estate: Park View City Islamabad recently opened the Golf Estate, an exciting addition to the community landscape. It is a beautiful development that offers a unique picturesque living environment unrivaled anywhere else in the company. The Golf Estate location is beautifully situated next to the enclave of Bahria, accessed from gate 2 of the community. Golf Estate Park View City was designed to offer a luxurious experience with refreshing beauty in the Margalla Hills away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The Golf Estate is a perfect getaway for the city dwellers and enjoys the breathtaking views. The Golf Estate at Park View City is without a doubt a golf enthusiast's paradise. The project offers everything from apartments to commercial facilities as well as sports in the form of a golf estate. Park View City has become a true luxury work of art in the Twin Cities real estate landscape. The addition of this 9 hole golf course has further highlighted it on the Islamabad map. The Golf Estate is a perfect blend of luxury, comfort and first class amenities offered at the best market prices in the real estate industry. Park View CityGolf Estate offers a range of residential lots as follows: 5 Marla 10 Marla 1 channel Park View City Golf Estate Payment Plan: Park View City Golf Estate's payment plan is affordable with flexible rates. Plot sizes other than 5 Marla and 10 Marla will soon be on the market. Until August 27, lots were allocated on a first come, first served basis. Land prices are also likely to rise over time. 5 Marla is offered for Rs. 8.5 million 10 Marla is offered for Rs. 16 million 1 channel is offered for Rs. 35 million The plots can be booked simply by paying the 25% deposit. The remaining contributions after the down payment could be settled in 8 quarterly installments. Other fees include: Membership fee for 5 Marla is Rs. 7,500/- Membership fee for 10 Marla is Rs. 15,000/- Membership fee for 1 channel is Rs. 25,000/- Park View City Islamabad Overseas Block: Park View City is a charismatic residential project that caters to everyone's needs, from residential and commercial properties to classic apartments and Park View City Islamabad Villas. The latest addition to this prestigious project is the Park View City Islamabad Overseas Block. The Overseas Block will soon be launched as part of the major project and you can be assured that it will meet all international standard housing requirements. The block was specially designed by the planners with the incorporation of the most advanced technology and amenities to offer overseas Pakistanis an exquisite living experience. A need was felt to introduce this special ban on requisitioning overseas Pakistanis seeking identity, recognition and a safe place to invest in Pakistan. The overseas block in Park View City offers not only magnificent residences, but also a variety of business opportunities. The properties in this block will have added value and be in high demand. The success of this block is easily predicted based on the trend in the Overseas block of Capital Smart City and Blue World City Islamabad. Park View City Overseas Block Location: The location of the overseas block in Park View City is in the prime area of ​​Park View City near Gate 1. The block is close to the commercial downtown of the project and will offer its residents a fruitful investment in addition to an elite life. Furnishing: Aside from the beautiful location, the Überseeblock caters to the needs of all members of society. The block will have the following amenities included in its plan. 24/7 supply of electricity, gas and water State-of-the-art waste disposal system CCTV security, guards and motion censors Parks, playgrounds and beautifully landscaped green spaces Shopping centers, restaurants and entertainment centers sports facility health centers and educational institutions Park View City Overseas Block Payment Plan: Initially, the Overseas block will offer 5 Marla and 10 Marla residential lots with an initial 3-year installment plan for its residents. How do you book your property in the foreign block? The prices offered in the Overseas Block are introductory prices and will be available in a simple 3-year installment. To book your property, contact Sky Marketing with the following documents. Copy of your CNIC Copy of your CNIC of your next of kin 2 passport photos The exact location of the foreign block will be announced in a month or two, but investing in this block is most beneficial and fruitful at this time. Plots are available at the lowest prices and the scope of development is immense. If you want to invest your savings in a safe place that will provide you with a safe environment for your loved ones, then the Overseas Block in Park View City is best for you. Ongoing market trend and price index: The demand for prizes in Park View City has been constant for some time. The majority of the people who bought the land in the company are mainly end users and have invested in the company for residential purposes and not as an investment. The enticing location, facilities and prices offered make the project popular. Two years ago the price of 5 Marla was almost 43 Lac, which was revised in 6 months, a significant increase from 7 to 8 Lac was observed, since then the prices have been increasing along with the development work. The latest asking price today for a 5 Marla residential lot is around PKR 57-58 lac. The demand for 5 Marla and 10 Marla residential lots and 6 Marla commercial lots is higher due to the easily tradable sizes of these properties. 1 Channel lots have also shown great potential as buyers prefer a generous lot size for a home. Possession: Ownership of the first blocks, where construction has already begun, was announced by officials of this company at the recent election rally. The company will be fully developed within the next 2 years and the ownership of the remaining land will also be transferred to the investors in the same period. The Company is currently offering new bookings for a limited time only, therefore investors are encouraged to take advantage of and benefit from this unique investment opportunity. This residential complex is not only suitable as a capital investment, but is also an ideal place to live and work for you and your loved ones thanks to its secure residential and commercial location. Park View urban development: The management of the respected company aims to speed up the development process in order to hand over the project to its investors ahead of schedule. Development work on Blocks A & B is nearing completion and earthworks on the surrounding areas of these blocks have begun. A water treatment plant will soon also be built in Block A to ensure the supply of clean water to the residents. The water is filtered, recycled and distributed to all parts of the block via this treatment plant. The main entrance of the society has already been completed with a majestic main gate and the road leading the way into the alluring society. The land in this society is naturally rich and agricultural with an abundance of natural green landscapes, so leveling and plotting the land does not require major changes. The company now looks in much better shape after work on Park View's main entrance gate was completed and construction on the 200-foot-wide main street has begun and is expected to be completed in a few months. This 2-kilometer road will be built upon CDA approval and will be accessible directly from Kurri Road. Voting in Park View City: The election and ownership of lots in Park View City Islamabad began on March 24, 2019 at the premises of Park View Housing Society for the eligible lots after settlement of outstanding dues. The event was attended by eminent figures of society and the authorized dealers of this prestigious project. Parcel numbers were assigned to 5 Marlas, 8 Marlas, 10 Marlas, 1 Channel and 2 Channel parcels booked in the company's expansion blocks. Voting was done through a fair computerized process for the investors who paid their installments and fees on time. Within a week, the official documents, consisting of the allocated parcel no. and details were sent to the respective property owners. Advantages and disadvantages: advantages No litigation Concerns about NOC or entitlements – All basic and modern conveniences present – Peaceful Environment - Pollutant-free zone – High return on investment – Rapid development – Traces of water are present 50 feet underground – The company will become a load-shedding-free zone with its own power plant – Things to consider before buying land in Park View City: We recommend that you follow this 3-step process before purchasing your property in the company: Disadvantages Ideal location Prices are considered higher 1. Always check the documents including the NOC: Buying a plot of land is a big deal and all paperwork must always be checked before any major investment is made. Make sure you thoroughly review all required Capital Development Authority (CDA) documents and departmental approvals to ensure you are investing in a legally sound project. 2. Get your finances in order: Before making a hasty decision, consider your affordability and make sure you consider all the costs associated with buying a property, including the transfer fee, membership fee, real estate costs, development fees, survey fee and your commission real estate agent . 3. Site inspection and structural survey: A visit to the Park View City site is highly recommended for prospective buyers as property viewing is very important. You need to familiarize yourself with the area and the property you are investing your capital in. Even if you are purchasing a property file without ownership or voting, it is still important that you visit the project yourself and only proceed if you are completely satisfied with the location. How to book your property in Park View City Islamabad? You can easily book your plot in Park View company through Sky Marketing. You can contact us or visit the office with the following documents that will be required from you at the time of booking: Copy of the applicant's identity card Identity card Copy of your nominee or next of kin Passport size image 20% deposit in cash/money order/crossed check payable to Park View Enclave (Pvt) Limited. Frequently Asked Questions about Park View City: We answer the most frequently asked questions about Park View City Islamabad as follows: Q1 What is Park View City? to Park View City is an elegant and opulent residential development in Islamabad, Pakistan. Q2. Where is Park View City located? to Park View City is ideally located in Zone IV on Malot Road near the Bahria enclave in the Pakistani capital of Islamabad. Q3 Who is the owner of Park View City? to This innovative housing association is a project of the Vision Group. The Vision group is owned by Aleem Khan, a senior member of PTI. Q4 Is Park View City Islamabad legal? to Park View City is a fully legal NOC residential development with a CDA approved building permit. Q5. What lot sizes are available in Park View? to You can book 5, 8, 10 Marla and 1 & 2 channel residential lots and 6 & 8 Marla commercial lots in the company. F6. Does Park View City have an installment plan? to Yes, the company offers its investors a simple 2-year installment plan. F7. When is ownership of land in Park View City given? to Ownership of land plots in the company's developed blocks will be granted to its investors, and ownership of the remaining blocks will be granted after voting. Q8 What facilities does the company provide? to The housing company will provide its residents with all basic and modern facilities including water, gas, electricity, security, hospitals, schools, shopping areas, sports and fitness centers, botanical gardens, cinemas and much more. Q9 When will construction on Main Boulevard begin? to Construction on Main Boulevard has already begun and a 200 foot wide driveway will be built from Kurri Road to the Society to create a beautiful carpeted pathway through the main gate into the Society's interior. Q10. How much profit will I get from my investment in Park View City and when? to Park View City is one of the most desirable and premier residential communities in the area. It is an excellent investment opportunity for people who want to get a good return on their investment in a short period of time. With rapid development and modern infrastructure, the prices and value of real estate in the company will increase, bringing fruitful ROI to its investors. Q11. When will the property be transferred to my name after booking? to The company will issue you with a bank transfer notice within one to two days after the contributions have been paid. Q12. Can Overseas Pakistanis Book Property in Park View City Islamabad? to Yes, it is a very good opportunity for Pakistanis abroad to invest in society and they can do so by sitting in their homes. Sky Marketing offers its clients online services to book your property in Park View City from abroad. Q13. What is the process of real estate transfer in this company? to The land transfer process is rather unusual in Park View City as it cannot be done through the regular transfer and registration method. It will be transacted in full transparency through the transfer agent of the company. You can visit Park View City Islamabad office in Blue Area for all transfers. F14. How soon will society have all the facilities? to The society is working to set up all the public facilities in the project so that the residents can benefit from it. A branch of the National School in Park View City is currently under construction; A mosque has also been built, while construction work on the hospital is also underway. We hope that in the coming months, society will be fully developed and residents can enjoy a comfortable life in their midst. The demand for prizes in Park View City has been constant for some time. The majority of the people who bought the land in the company are mainly end users and have invested in the company for residential purposes and not as an investment. The enticing location, facilities and prices offered make the project popular. Q15. Why is Park View City expensive compared to other companies? to Considering the location and the amenities the company offers its investors, Park View City is not that expensive. It also offers a simple 2-year installment plan so you can easily pay off the price of your property. You can also apply for a home loan from the banks as the corporation is CDA authorized and has no worries about litigation.

Introduction of Park View City

Park View City Housing Scheme is a modern GDR approved development in the capital. Designed on modern and advanced ideas, this project holds significance for his cutting-edge planning. Conveniently located, Park View City covers a large area of land, has multiple blocks where incredible life and profitable investments await everyone. However, this company has a lot more to offer, with modern lifestyle facilities in peaceful surroundings.
In the heart of nature and in the middle of greenery, this project has everything you could want and dream of. From planning to development, location to amenities, Park View City is a brilliant housing company to live in and invest in. Further details on this project are:

About the developers

Park View City is a project of Laraib Associate & Developers and SAREMCO Group. These two are big names in Pakistan's real estate industry. They had already delivered several projects. Without a doubt, these companies have good credibility and importance.

Park View City Housing Program Master Plan

Meticulously designed, Park View City is a crown jewel of the Twin Cities. It features proper planning, impressive development and advanced housing project functionality. This company covers a large area and is divided into three important sectors, namely,
  • Sector A
These areas have all the world-class facilities and attractions, making them a complete residential and investment complex.

Park View City plots for sale

This company is attractive to many, among whom the availability of several plot sizes is the main one. Park View City offers the following parcel categories and sizes:

Residential plots

  • 4 Marla

Location of the Park View City in Islamabad

This wonderful project is ideally located on Girja Road Rawalpindi, close to the Thalian interchange. This company is equidistant from Rawalpindi and Islamabad via the Kashmir highway and the Islamabad highway. In addition, this project has two main entrances; one is on Girja Road, while the second develops on Ghose-e-Azam Road.
  • Park View City Housing Scheme is easily accessible from Thalian Interchange (12 minute drive)

Some of the housing companies and places nearby are:
  • Top City 1
  • New city
  • Islamabad blue world city

Park View City Housing Program Payment Plan

This company is the option of affordable plots in Islamabad. This is a modern project that offers plots at surprisingly the lowest prices. The prices of the Park View City plots are:
  • 4 Residential Plots Marla Price: 14 lakes
The reservation of plots in Park View City Islamabad starts with a deposit of 20%. 20% of the amount of the plots will be payable on taking possession. However, the remaining amount is payable in 42 monthly installments. Here are the full details of the payment plan:

Booking Detail

Plots in Park View City can be easily booked with a few of the following essential documents:
You will need to have a 20% deposit payment order in favor of "Laaraib (Pvt) Ltd".
  • 2 photos of buyers in passport format


Park View City Housing Scheme is a good option for residence and investment in Islamabad. This company is attractive in terms of development, has a prime location, many amenities and an easy payment plan. So make a low budget investment and enjoy countless benefits by contacting Universal Property Network!

Credit: Sky Marketing

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