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University Town Islamabad Rawalpindi, Plots, Payment Plan, Map & Noc

University Town Islamabad, Rawalpindi, University Town Islamabad payment plan, plots in University Town, University Town Rawalpindi location Map,, University Town Rawalpindi noc, University Town Rawalpindi location. If you are looking for plot in University Town housing scheme islamabad then you are at right place for University Town plots Rawalpindi, Islamabad information , payment plan, Location Map or Noc. Residential and Commercial plots are available for sale in University Town housing scheme.

University Town Islamabad Rawalpindi
Introduction: The university city is a masterpiece in its surroundings, beautiful natural landscapes and a breathtaking view of the city of Islamabad add to the splendor of the society. You can compare the ecstatic landscapes of this condominium community with Park View City, an RDA approved residential project in Zone IV of Islamabad and Bahria enclave, another prominent condominium community with mesmerizing views, but the prices offered in these communities can be quite high in budgets and not accessible to everyone, but the university city allows everyone to afford comfortable living surrounded by natural surroundings and lush green spaces. A beautiful environment coupled with modern conveniences not only enhances this bright society but also its surroundings. Aside from the opulent location, the investment opportunities in the community are endless due to a variety of business and residential opportunities and competitive prices. It is an ideal place for people who want to live and raise a family in a neat and clean environment with the best facilities. Start of the university city of Islamabad: The housing association was originally established in 1992 but was formally launched in 2005 after receiving its planning permission and NOCs from the relevant authorities. Owner and Developer: It is the very first project by Mr. Abdul Aziz Khan, a professor from Peshawar, Pakistan. Although Mr. Aziz has no real estate experience, his efforts in building this incredible housing company are commendable. Location university city Islamabad: The proximity of the university town is quite doable and highly fascinating. It is located on the Kashmir Highway near the Lahore-Islamabad Interchange and only 5 minutes from New Islamabad Airport. The absolute selling point of this company is located off the highway on the Kashmir Highway Link Road just before the toll booth. The prominent location of this company is not only attractive but also close to Islamabad City, it is only 10 minutes drive from Zero Points, Islamabad. University Town borders Eighteen Islamabad, one of the most popular and largest residential projects in Pakistan, while Blue World City, Top City, Lahore Smart City and Qurtaba City are all within a 10 minute drive from this exciting project. Total area & Mouza: Occupying a total area of ​​approximately 4500 sq. acres, this residential project was built on a rural land formerly known as Bajnial in Rawalpindi District. University City of Islamabad Permits: The University City NOC was challenged by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) against the No. RDA:RDA/MP & TE/F – PHS – 43/1873 of 05/09/2006. This can be confirmed on RDA's official website. Map of University City Islamabad: As you can see on the map below, this promising housing association is located on the left hand side of the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway, M-2 when traveling from Islamabad to Lahore before the tollbooth. Here is the map of this promising housing project. Characteristics of the university city of Islamabad: Society is designed to be miles ready with all modern services and centers to become a place suitable for people from all norms of society. Some of the key features of the company are listed below: 72′ wide main boulevard and all streets are more than 35′ wide Gated community subway route Extensive water supply sewage disposal stations Underground Electricity Sui gas Single entry system security Club and community center car parking lot Sector and Jamia Mosques Hospital & Medical Center parks and playgrounds mosques and schools industrial Estate Pubs and restaurants Community center Gym public transport Development: The development in University Town is 80% complete, blocks “A, B & D” are fully developed and the lots have been handed over to clients, while the development works in other blocks are under construction at a fast pace. The progress for the remaining blocks is indicated as follows: E-Block is 80% developed with only minor utility work remaining. C Block is almost 40% developed with ongoing earthworks While the F-Block is in its initial development phase For a better understanding, a detailed analysis of the development work in all blocks of society follows: E-Block is 80% developed with only minor utility work remaining. C Block is almost 40% developed with ongoing earthworks While the F-Block is in its initial development phase For a better understanding, a detailed analysis of the development work in all blocks of society follows: Development work in blocks A, B & D: The developed blocks in society consist of A, B and D blocks. The houses in these blocks are fully built and their residents enjoy a peaceful and comfortable life. These sectors are equipped with everything necessary, including water, electricity, carpeted streets and paved streets. In these sectors there is also a park equipped with various swings for the entertainment of the younger members of society. Development work in blocks E, F & C: The development work in Block E has been completed, while the development work in Block F and C is in the final stages. The plots available in Block E, Block F and Block C are for sale. The construction and development work was carried out according to modern standards. In addition, all amenities and facilities would be made available to the residents of these blocks. Possession: Ownership of the lots in the Company's A, B and D Blocks will be offered to their buyers immediately. In the latest news shared by our sources, the lots in Block E, Block F and Block C are also cleared for ownership. The plots are available at affordable prices and the housing association, like Gulberg Green, is offering to own the plots on a timely basis. University City Islamabad Prices: University City Islamabad Housing Prices: Prices in society vary in all blocks depending on the category, level of development and ownership. However, we cannot give you a definitive price quote for the plots of land available in the blocks of this development, but we do provide the price range that investors are asking for the plots of land in the Company so that you can better understand current prices. University City Commercial Awards: The company recently introduced a smart installment plan to allow investors who want to buy land in the company's industrial zone from as little as 25% down payment. Note: The above prices do not include the prices of the property categories, i. H. Corner, park area and main streets All additional charges are due within 180 days of booking The ownership of units in the commercial area is provisional until the client has received the final payment. The documentation fees and ancillary costs are paid by the administration of the company on request. advantages Quiet and most beautiful location Reliable and safe investment Located next to the CDA sector and the new Islamabad Airport Achieving all nocs and permissions Instant Possession Eco-friendly and natural environment cost efficient Easy access Easily tradable lot sizes Profitable long-term and short-term investment All basic facilities available Underground Electricity Fast resale of land Known neighboring companies CPEC Junction which will connect the company to all main roads, ICHS Town and other major housing companies at Fateh Jung Road, Tarnol and other areas. Disadvantages The development quality is comparatively low The officials of the company are inexperienced The main access road has not yet been fully developed Why invest in the university city? There is a no. of plausible factors in society to consider when making the decision to purchase land let us discuss a few below to help you in your decision. Strong investment potential: The company has obtained all relevant NOCs and building permits from the concerned departments and authorities, making this company a hassle-free and strong investment opportunity. Considering the immaculate location and attractive prices of this project, this housing association has weathered the harsh business conditions in the real estate market, not only that, but the prices of the property have unexpectedly increased due to the increased demand and need, leaving their investors with a profitable return. Convenient transportation: The newest line of Metro bus falls right next to this company and makes traveling much more convenient. This route will connect all areas of the city of Islamabad with the airport and regions of Rawalpindi and has become one of the main selling points of this company. Proximity to Islamabad Airport: After the inauguration of Islamabad International Airport, the value of the real estate around it has increased significantly as it has brought diverse career and business opportunities to the region. This housing association is only 5 minutes from the airport and has therefore benefited enormously from the situation. The real estate market in Islamabad saw an increase of up to 1-15% in the prices of real estate in this housing company. The investors in this project enjoyed their fair share of the situation and received a handsome return on their investment. Quiet and enchanting environment: University Town has the potential to become one of the finest residential developments in the area with its eco-friendly and naturally blessed environment. The amazing lush green view all around Company offer an excellent housing opportunity for people who want to raise their families in a peaceful and quiet environment far away from the busy city life. Conforming to Population Shift: Islamabad has recently seen a huge population drop in its residents towards the outskirts of the capital, the crowded city no longer attracting the masses dreaming of a peaceful yet comfortable life. This society offers safe and suitable accommodations equipped with all basic utilities such as gas, clean water, state-of-the-art sewage system, 24/7 electricity and easy transportation for a comfortable and stress-free life. Popular neighboring housing associations: Eighteen Islamabad, Faisal Town, Top City, Mumtaz City and Islamabad International Airport have added outstanding value to this harmonious residential project. Eighteen Islamabad, the closest neighbor of this housing company, offers exciting prospects of becoming the most elite housing company not only in Islamabad but in all of Pakistan. The university city of Islamabad will benefit greatly from the possibility of a joint connecting road between the two housing associations in the near future. The company is not only close to these prestigious residential projects, but also at the crossroads of the CPEC Junction, which will connect all major cities. All of these factors will help increase the prices and values ​​of real estate in this region. Attractive features and utilities: The society is equipped with all necessities of life, including underground electricity, clean water supply to all parts of society, sui gas, telephone, wifi, safe environment and all the benefits of a walled community. It is a well-planned housing community that offers modern facilities and wonderful opportunities at its heart, making this community an epitome of luxury, comfort and peace for its residents. Cheap prices: The prices offered in this project are extremely reasonable and economical compared to other housing companies in the same area. Eighteen Islamabad, the most expensive housing company in Pakistan, shares the border with this project, but there is an immense difference in prices between the two companies. University Town offers its residents an eccentric opportunity to enjoy the exclusive amenities of its high-quality surroundings without burning a hole in your pocket. How to book your property in the university town: To book your property in this great housing company has never been so easy, you only need the following documents: A copy of your identity card (ID) A copy of your next of kin's ID card 2 passport size photos Payment of property/check/order of payment/DD in favor of University City To make your pursuit more effective, we strongly recommend that you contact Sky Marketing immediately for an instant consultation from one of our top sales representatives and make your investment safe and valuable. Market development in the university town: It is a lucrative housing company that has stayed afloat through the worst situations in the Islamabad real estate market. Even though the project is not as extravagant as the other housing companies in the region like Taj Residencia, yet the prices in University Town have risen drastically like B-17 Multi-Gardens, but the company has made a steady business in the capital's real estate scenario. What attracts investors to this residential project is the magnificence of its surroundings and the extremely distinctive location. Beautiful sights and reasonable prices of the company managed to draw people's attention to this housing company. The investors who study the market closely surely realize that this housing company is a diamond in the rough and has not yet discovered its full potential, but it has an extremely bright future and these current small flaws in the company will not stand a chance of its success. FAQs on the university city of Islamabad Some of the most frequently asked questions about this company are answered as follows: Q1- What is the total area? Answer: The company covers an area of ​​about 4500 channel. Q2-Where is the exact location? Answer: It is located just off the M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway on the Kashmir Highway and easily accessible from the Kashmir Link Road. Q3-Who is the owner of this company? Answer: The owner of this unique residential project is Mr. Abdul Aziz Khan who is a professor in a prestigious university by profession. This project is his first venture in real estate business. Q4- Is water, electricity and gas available? Answer: Electricity, Sui gas and the availability of clean water are provided to the residents of the society. The company has built water storage tanks in each block to prevent a shortage of clean water in the area. Q5- Is there an installment plan? Answer: The residential project is old and reliable and does not offer an installment plan for the residential lots, the residential lots in the company can be purchased by prepaying the full price, but for commercial lots, the company offers a simple installment plan for suitability of the investors. You can see the rate plan in the article above under the heading University City Islamabad Business Rates. Q6- What are the lot sizes? Answer: You can purchase 5 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 Canal lots in the corporation's condominiums and multiple sizes in commercial areas. Q7- Should I buy a residential or commercial property in this housing association? Answer: This housing association is a gold mine for investors, whether you decide to purchase a residential lot or a commercial lot in this project, a respectable return on investment is guaranteed. Q8- Why does the development work in the project take time? Answer: Although the company was incorporated in 1992, it was formally launched in 2005 after receiving NOCs and building permits from their relevant authorities. Any company takes time to develop, but this company takes a little longer as the owner of this project has no real estate development experience. Q9- When will ownership be granted in the housing association? Answer: You can take possession of the plots in all blocks of the housing association immediately. Q10- When will I get profit from my investment in this project? Answer: This company is an excellent opportunity for short-term as well as long-term investments due to its ideal location, clear NOC, amazing view and most favorable prices together with standard sizes of plots, which makes trading real estate in the company very convenient. Due to all the factors previously mentioned, your investment in the company will always remain safe and fruitful, but to get the most out of your investment, it is advisable to hold your property for a longer period, at least 3-5 years will guarantee you maximum return on your property Investment. Conclusion: Even though there are some problems in the company's development and lack of interest from its officials, this company remains a gold mine for buyers due to its extremely wonderful location and prime prospects. Additionally, its proximity to the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi makes it very convenient to travel in and out of society. In addition, the subway bus route to the company has made traveling even easier for its citizens and made it one of the most ideal housing companies in this region. Surprisingly, the investment return rate in the company has exceeded expectations due to affordable prices and growing population in the region.

Introduction of University Town

University Town Housing Scheme is a modern GDR approved development in the capital. Designed on modern and advanced ideas, this project holds significance for his cutting-edge planning. Conveniently located, University Town covers a large area of land, has multiple blocks where incredible life and profitable investments await everyone. However, this company has a lot more to offer, with modern lifestyle facilities in peaceful surroundings.
In the heart of nature and in the middle of greenery, this project has everything you could want and dream of. From planning to development, location to amenities, University Town is a brilliant housing company to live in and invest in. Further details on this project are:

About the developers

University Town is a project of Laraib Associate & Developers and SAREMCO Group. These two are big names in Pakistan's real estate industry. They had already delivered several projects. Without a doubt, these companies have good credibility and importance.

University Town Housing Program Master Plan

Meticulously designed, University Town is a crown jewel of the Twin Cities. It features proper planning, impressive development and advanced housing project functionality. This company covers a large area and is divided into three important sectors, namely,
  • Sector A
These areas have all the world-class facilities and attractions, making them a complete residential and investment complex.

University Town plots for sale

This company is attractive to many, among whom the availability of several plot sizes is the main one. University Town offers the following parcel categories and sizes:

Residential plots

  • 4 Marla

Location of the University Town in Islamabad

This wonderful project is ideally located on Girja Road Rawalpindi, close to the Thalian interchange. This company is equidistant from Rawalpindi and Islamabad via the Kashmir highway and the Islamabad highway. In addition, this project has two main entrances; one is on Girja Road, while the second develops on Ghose-e-Azam Road.
  • University Town Housing Scheme is easily accessible from Thalian Interchange (12 minute drive)

Some of the housing companies and places nearby are:
  • Top City 1
  • New city
  • Islamabad blue world city

University Town Housing Program Payment Plan

This company is the option of affordable plots in Islamabad. This is a modern project that offers plots at surprisingly the lowest prices. The prices of the University Town plots are:
  • 4 Residential Plots Marla Price: 14 lakes
The reservation of plots in University Town Islamabad starts with a deposit of 20%. 20% of the amount of the plots will be payable on taking possession. However, the remaining amount is payable in 42 monthly installments. Here are the full details of the payment plan:

Booking Detail

Plots in University Town can be easily booked with a few of the following essential documents:
You will need to have a 20% deposit payment order in favor of "Laaraib (Pvt) Ltd".
  • 2 photos of buyers in passport format


University Town Housing Scheme is a good option for residence and investment in Islamabad. This company is attractive in terms of development, has a prime location, many amenities and an easy payment plan. So make a low budget investment and enjoy countless benefits by contacting Universal Property Network!

Credit: Sky Marketing

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